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Knowledgeable, interdisciplinary, and thorough, Corday Feith is an exceptional health practitioner. 

I first came to him with moderate problems that had confounded two other well-known Madison chiropractors, two physical therapists, a PhD-MD in sports medicine, and a notable acupuncturist in the area. After a careful, unorthodox, initial appointment (he really took his time with me) I had more relief than I’d had in over a year. After three more visits, my symptoms were under control. One year later, my supposedly “chronic” misalignments (as diagnosed by other chiropractors) were all but a painful memory. I now see him on an “as-needed” basis, typically every 2-3 months, just to keep tabs on my old problem spots.

Corday is personable, reasonable, and novel in his approach to chiropractic treatment. He uses multiple disciplines (many of which I’d never heard of) to solve problems as they arise, keeping no rigid adherence to any one method. Doing so allows him to diagnose and treat from a variety of angles, yielding fast and long-lasting results. And if I’ve ever met a person with “healing hands,” it’s Corday.

If you’re having muscle or joint pain that seems to only be getting worse, if you’ve been seeing a chiropractor every few weeks for what seems like an eternity, if your symptoms stymie even the noblest (yet traditional) minds in western medicine, then give Dr. Feith’s practice a try. You won’t regret it!

Peter K., Madison

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